Road to Royalty

 I had this vision in mind.. this vision of me being the woman I always dreamed of being. I dreamt of me being the hardest working female I know. I dreamt of being a Boss, I dreamt of being wealthy, I dreamt of my life being fulfilled, I dreamt of my visions and desires coming to past. In this vision everything I put my hands to do turned into gold. God made it clear to me what he wanted me to do. He put me in isolation where most of the time it was just me and him. I discovered that before I could be even half of who I dreamt of being I had to focus in on me. 

 I focused on me and made every detail of myself and my life my priority. My first step started with a change in my lifestyle for healthier living. I started with my trainer @musclemom and I was amazed at the difference I felt in my body by changing my diet and making fitness a factor in my life. The results motivated me to focus in every other area in my life. My inner and outer appearance got better and I got stronger physically and mentally. This is my road to Royalty.  Fitness gives me fuel to my fire. I’m so motivated by the boundaries my body breaks with every goal I set for myself and this helps me with every goal I set in life. Focusing on my fitness goals wasn’t just about a change in my physical appearance but also a change in my lifestyle. I want to live long for my daughter and I want to inspire her to chase her dreams. I want to accomplish and possess all the goals and visions I have on the inside of me. I can’t die with anything undone. 
 There are dreams that we all have for our lives. There are visions that we are dying to get out of our heads and into the world but we must plan effectively and be strategic. We must focus on ourselves and God so that we get clear instructions and we can trust our own instincts and not rely on the opinions of others. Work on yourself first so that you get into the place where you trust yourself without second guessing. Trust your journey and trust your path and don’t  ever compare yourself to others. The woman you’re destined to be is sitting on a throne waiting on you. This is your road to Royalty. Find what makes you the happiest, find your purpose, and keep pushing boundaries! Love you Queens! Stay motivated by checking out my personal workouts on snapchat and instagram @shanice_royal and @royaltycampaign #roadtoroyalty #royaltycampaign 


One thought on “Road to Royalty”

  1. Wow this is inspiring! Keep putting these out on a weekly bases because their are eyes on you daughter and your name is being placed on round tables. This is your year to sit on your throne in a receiving posture. Love you! β€πŸ‘‘


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