Comfort is a Dream Killer

Hello Queen! I’m not sure why I was so compelled to touch basis with you today but, I hope what I have to say meets you wherever you are and motivates you to keep pushing! I know we hear all the time “don’t give up” or “keep pushing” cliche after cliche. I encourage you today to take heed to these cliche’s and cling on to them more than ever. If anyone of you are like myself sometimes we tend to struggle with consistency when we aren’t seeing results right away and I am with you in knowing that we can sometimes get discouraged or feel uninspired which causes somethings that once meant something to us to fall by the waste side. So I am writing today to encourage you to never ever get comfortable where you are. Even if you just got the job that you’ve been praying for, congratulations but keep going harder. Getting a job or accomplishing one goal just isn’t enough we should always strive for greater, to be better, and to acquire more. unnamed

Comfort is a dream killer. When we get comfortable where we are we get lazy and we become content with doing just enough to get by and I’m sorry but, your dreams should be a lot bigger than just getting by. God didn’t spend all his precious time molding and creating you just for you to get by. He wants us to live a fulfilled life. A life  that one could only dream about. He wants that for you but, living out your dream doesn’t come easy. Sacrifices have to be made. The work has to be put in. I beg you Queen to keep pushing! Don’t leave this earth with all that purpose and vision still inside of you.

Even if you haven’t started working on those dreams yet, today would be a great day to start! Take one step today, start doing the research or making connections.What ever it is, just do it! Don’t allow comfort to kill your dreams. Where you are right now isn’t good enough. There is more in store for you! We are not Queens who settle. We are filled with power and authority and we were made with magic. We have the power to change the condition we live in. We have the authority to command change in our lives and we have the capacity to do the work to maximize our opportunities in this world. Don’t allow all that magic to go to waste girl, get up and get to it because it is never too late. I am here praying for you and cheering you on because I want to see us win.

unnamed-3 Queen if you are feeling discouraged or uninspired this is for you. There are Big dreams inside of you and you have to give birth to that dream. It’s time to make things manifest, it is time for things to become tangible in your life. You have mapped out the way you’ve wanted your life to be for far too long, now is the time to stop envisioning it but actually go after it. Put your plan into action Queen. You got this! You were made for this. Don’t get content, Don’t get comfortable, always strive for more, strive to keep your dreams alive.

Love you always,

Shanice Royal


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3 thoughts on “Comfort is a Dream Killer”

  1. This is so amazing… You wrote the best prescription to encourage a queen such as myself!! This gives me the push to pursue my purpose and destiny. Love you my lil queen!!! Mommy 😘


  2. “Comfort is a dream killer.” This here is magical words. Lol. Thank you for this because Lord knows it’s needed for every Queen pushing to make strides towards their dreams. I made a vow to consistency a few months ago and it’s tough!!! But I’m pushing!!

    Thanks Shanice ❤️


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