We Are The Future Field Day

May 28, 2016 the We Are The Future Field Day was in full effect and ready to make its debut. The day started off with endless showers of rain, terrifying lightening, and intimidating thunder. My partner Victoria and I, ย phones were ringing non stop with people calling with anticipation for us to cancel our event.Almost every person we partnered with was ready to pull out and cancel on us because they deemed it impossible for the children to have a field day in such weather conditions. Any ordinary people would’ve panicked and may have even gave in to the pressure of canceling all together but, that was an L we were not willing to take. We had invested so much into planning this event so canceling was simply not an option. We prayed and had faith that the rain would stop despite the fact that there was an 80% chance that it would rain for the rest of the day. We went to Plantation Heritage Park and begin setting up as if it was the sunniest day in south Florida and contrary to everyone’s beliefs by the time we were all set up that was just what it became, the sunniest day in South Florida!

Our DJ Jacob had some of the hottest summer hits like controlla by Drake blasting from the speakers and the children and parents started to make their way out to the park to indulge in a day full of endless activities.We started with a game of kick ball that got really intense, fun, and competitive between the children and volunteers. From Kickball to a crazy competitive game of musical chairs, to a super exciting heart pounding relay race, the activities were endless. We entertained with bubbles, got involved with hula hoop and jump rope competitions, and even got a little artsy with a super creative paint class. Every child and adult enjoyed their time dancing. singing, and jumping in the bounce house provided by Bounce Central LLC. I even discovered that I can do a back flip!

Not only was there endless activities to keep everyone entertained and having fun but there was also an endless supply of food, beverages, and snacks to keep everyone full and hydrated. Of course there were endless waters on deck to quench the thirst in that heat but of course we had to keep it nostalgic with the little hug quarter juices and caprisuns we used to have during our childhood field day. We had an abundance of chips to keep the kids snacking and ice pops to keep them cool. We spent a lot of time at the cotton candy machine twirling our sticks to get a sample of every flavor of the fluffiest cotton candy provided by CK Party Rentals.We filled our bellies with the most delicious hot dogs and hamburgers grilled by my supportive man and his favorite uncle cheese we were so happy they lent their skills and time because the burgers were delicious!

The vibes turned out to be everything we desired it to be and all of our hard work paid off because every child had a blast! We love to cultivate the children and listen to the things that concern them because they are our future! We truly thank everyone for believing in us and our vision and especially those who contributed their efforts and those who contributed their finances! Special Thank you to Dr.Jimmie L Williams and Light House Worship Center, Dee’s Dressing Room, Marc J. Lagree of Mad Graphics, D’ana ( @itscovl) for our amazing flyer, Nelly James for our amazing balloon columns, and Audrey Brooks of Women Empowering Women Inc. Thank you to everyone for your help. Our Annual We Are The Future Field Day will only get bigger and Better! Hope to see you all next year!

To watch the recap video captured and edited by @damiendelgvdo visit youtu.be/wt10daajeXg

photography by JK Mark @trinizionphotos