Relationship Goals


Sometimes we idolize the love we see at a distance, Flooding our imaginations with “Relationship Goals” based upon what we see on the outside of someone else’s love connection. Knowing what you want in a relationship is key but, it’s important not to idolize the outside benefits of love without understanding the hard work that goes into sustaining the relationship through the test of time. Relationships in today’s generation are so fickle! People change partners like they change their underwear. The roses and good times are always captured on camera but, what you don’t get to see is the ground work being done “behind the scenes” and I guess that’s the beauty of it.Nothing good comes in this life without requiring hard work and dedication and love is not exempt from this principle.

Let me just be honest, contrary to popular belief you are not going to like your partner everyday. Some days he will really get under your skin, really bad but you will love him still. I’m talking about love him so deeply that even though you don’t like him you’ll still want to be next to him. It’s weird, you will find yourself in a heated discussion saying “leave me alone” but really wanting him to wrap his arms around you and not let go. Love is just that powerful and that’s why you can’t be so quick to utter those words if you don’t really mean them. It’s imperative to uphold the value and sacredness of the word and use it only with someone you can’t see yourself without.

If you can post on social media how much you love someone and the following week blast them on social media like they meant nothing to you,that is not love. Even during those times where I am irritated the most with my man, I still wouldn’t criticize him publicly for the world to see because it is still my job to protect him. We never know what goes into a relationship or what people had to sacrifice to share their time with the ones they love and we are also blind to what a miserable situation a person may be trapped in behind closed doors. So my suggestion to you is not to idolize peoples situations when you don’t know the full details. Get to know love for yourself. If the one you’re with is good for you don’t give up at the sign of the first minor altercation. Fight through it! Challenges will come, and if you’re not put into a position where you have to compromise your power or your passions then work it out but, always stay true to you.

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