I just have a passion for seeing women win. I find it hard to understand women who don’t want to own their own success and rather mooch off the success of a man to claim that they made it. I believe in being a female Boss with or without a man. I believe in being my own woman and earning my own success and bringing wealth to the table to add to what my man has already accomplished. I believe that women are powerful and we have the ability to conquer magnanimous things in the world instead of dumbing ourselves down just to be somebody’s trophy.

You don’t have to wait until someone makes you or chooses you to be their trophy because you are already a winner. You already have the power to shine with or without recognition from anyone. Having a man to add to your life should be nothing more than a bonus, a plus. As women we have the tendency to make our worlds revolve around the man we love (I was guilty of this same crime at once). We will literally make decisions about our own happiness with someone else in mind and ultimately rob ourselves because of someone else’s opinion. It’s time out for that! Do what makes you happy, go to the places that you enjoy and hopefully your significant other will love you enough to want to share these pleasures with you.

Avoid losing yourself as a woman. Sometimes things happen to us in life and we end up with people we never thought we’d be with doing things we never thought we would do. We compromise time after time for so long and when we sit back and take a look at ourselves we don’t recognize the person staring back. Remain true to you. Stick to your guns about the things that you are passionate about and never compromise who you are because you are a Queen and you are powerful. I speak with my best friend all the time about how much we admire the way men go after their goals. Men rarely compromise when their hearts are set on something. They rarely allow anyone to stand in their way. If they make up their minds to do or accomplish something they usually do just that whether you or anyone else disagrees with it or not. I think we should be that way about our goals as well. We have to have tunnel vision, we have to be tenacious, and we have to remain focused. Why strive to be just a trophy wife when you can stand beside your handsome man and wear the title of a Boss with him.

You got what it takes to conquer the world, you got what it takes to be a Boss, to be the best at whatever it is you are passionate about and you don’t have to wait for anyone to give it to you. You can go and get it by yourself and give just God and yourself the credit. In no way am I saying neglect your man and don’t let him help you if he wants to because we all need support but, do not give anyone the power to be your sole provision in life because if something happens to them you would have to start all over from zero. Give no one that power but, God. Go out and get it. Get focused on your gifts and your passions and make it happen. I believe in you Queen

-Shanice Royal

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2 thoughts on “QUEEN-BOSS”

  1. I love it Shanice. At one point I was that girl that put what she wanted in life aside because I was focused on my spouse so much. I do believe that we as women sometimes see our men doing and accomplishing great things and forget about ourselves that we at times miss out on what God has for us. I am glad that I do not think that way anymore and once I realized it it opened my eyes and had me asking myself some questions. We can support our men of course but we not to forget about our goals in the end. Like you stated above we can both be doing great things and support each other while not forgetting about ourselves.

    Every time I read your blogs I have some sort of relation whether it is a minor relation or it speaks to me in every sentence. I love it! Hope you have more soon.

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    1. Thanks so much for your support! Everything you said is so true! We never realize how much we have in common and relate to other women and that’s the point of this blog. I’ll definitely be writing more! Thanks love


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