Dream Big

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Today I woke up inspired by a man who wasn’t afraid to dream. A man that dreamed beyond what others could see or imagine and he did not back down from that dream or allow that dream to make him feel inferior to others because it was so different but, he stood firm in that dream and he believed in it and put it out to the world with no shame, doubt, or concern about how others would view him. I am inspired today by Dr. King. Inspired that what he dreamed is actually now a manifestation. I want to encourage you Queen, Please don’t be afraid to embrace your dream.

No matter how Big or how different or far-fetched your dream may be, it is yours and it was given to you for a reason. Just like Dr King, Your dream can one day be manifested into reality. There will be people around you who may doubt you. Sometimes it may be the closest people to you. They will not understand you, they will not get your vision, they will think that your dreams are ridiculous and that is okay. Accept that it is not meant for everyone to understand the vision that God has given you and never allow their doubt to discourage you. Dr King had a dream that most people probably laughed at during those times but look at us today, we are living his dream. We are a product of the dream God gave him.

Once you are sure about your dreams and your goals put them into action. It’s not enough just to dream but, you have to put yourself in a position to make the dreams come true. I cant stress this enough. Dr King didn’t just dream for entertainment or just to escape his present reality but both him and his community put in work to make these things come true. You have that same power just on a different platform. I encourage you to make this year the best year of your life. I encourage you to make this the year of your wildest dreams. Make your dreams tangible this year. Nothing is impossible!

I have a dream that you will get everything you deserve this year, that your dreams will become your reality, and all your hard work will pay off! I have a dream that you will not hold meaningless conversations, that you will be focused and driven. I have a dream that you will prosper and you will be fulfilled, your worst days are behind you and your better days start now. I have a dream that everyday you will be inspired, you will not lose your momentum, and you will keep striving for greatness. I have a dream that you will finally see yourself as the Queen you are and you will stand up for yourself and not tolerate what you don’t deserve. I have a dream that you will believe in yourself the way that I believe in you, you will prosper, and you will go harder than you ever have and you will show the world what you are made of. I have a dream that you won’t just read my blog posts but, you will take these words and apply them to your life.

Happy MLK Day!

Love you Queen

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-Shanice Royal



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