Seize the Opportunity

IMG_8591Seize: (Verb) To take hold of suddenly and forcefully

Seize the opportunity, a piece of advice that has been passed down through generations and is often over looked and perceived as an average cliche. I’m writing this to remind you how imperative it is to take heed to this advice. We now live in a time where everything you dream of having is easier to achieve. I truly believe that your dreams are tangible no matter how magnanimous they are. All it takes is one opportunity and you could end up closer to your dreams than you ever thought you could be. How you handle the opportunity will make all the difference, so when I say seize the opportunity you better do just that. Take the opportunity by the horns and give it all you got, even if you’re not getting paid for it initially because it will pay off in the end. Before you can be presented with the opportunity you have to put yourself in a position to receive it. Im a living witness, I have constantly sent emails and reached out to individuals that I look up to asking for ways to work with them, even if it’s an internship. Sometimes you don’t get a response but the fact that I am willing to step out of my pride and put myself out there is my way of commanding the universe to shift things in my favor and this past weekend it did just that. I’m not sure if you know Yes Julz but, if you do not you should definitely get familiar with her because her work ethic is one of a kind and she is a force to be reckoned with. Well I have been following, supporting and being inspired by her for quite some time and this past weekend I had the opportunity to intern for her during Art Basel and the amazing people I met and positive vibes I experienced were out of this world.  I saw her stating that she needed some help for art basel and you know I had to take a chance and put myself out there. I didn’t hesitate, I emailed her immediately and I was eventually notified that not only myself but my best friend and I had both been chosen. So here I am being presented with the opportunity to help Julz for art basel. I didn’t care if I had to pass out flyers or staple some papers; I would give those flyers and that stapler all I had. With this opportunity I was able to network with people that I would not have ever met had I not put myself out there. This is what you have to do to get where you are trying to go. Humble yourself and put yourself out there! Network, never be afraid to meet new people or go up to someone and start a conversation. Don’t be afraid of rejection because you may get a plethora of no’s but all it takes is a yes from one person to take your life to another level. Put yourself out there to be noticed and when you get an opportunity give that opportunity all you  have to give. Whether you reap the benefits now or later put your best foot forward. I just want you to really be hungry and tenacious about your dreams. Don’t let anyone convince you that your dream is too big. You have the power in you to prosper at anything you put your mind to and I believe in you. Start sending out emails, going to events and meeting new people. Put yourself out there! Seize the opportunity because you may not get that chance ever again so give it all you got. I hope that I inspire you because that’s what I desire to do. I hope you leave this blog praying for opportunity and doing the work to make sure it happens because you have the power to do it! I would love to hear from you and I’d love to hear your stories so leave a comment or interact with me on social media at Instagram @royaltycampaign or @shanice_royal twitter @shanice_royal

Thank you for reading Queen

Love you always, Shanice Royal

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