Death to Excuses


“Excuses are tools of incompetence used to build monuments of nothingness.” This quote was relevant back in my junior high school days and holds even more relevance today. I have a hard time understanding individuals that habitually make up excuses for why they can not accomplish and fulfill their dreams. Every day I meet people that are comfortable with just enough, people that are okay with barely making it, and have settled for their dreams being just a dream. This is mind boggling to me! Why do you feel like you have to settle?  What is it that makes you think that your dreams are so far-fetched? How can you possibly be so comfortable with the little that you have?

Maybe I’m just different and if I am I embrace that wholeheartedly but, I need other queens to understand that your dreams are tangible. Many of us have dreams so enormous that it can sometimes become overwhelming and intimidating to think of actually accomplishing it at all. I understand that completely but, I’m here to let you know that it is possible! With the level of accessibility that we have to things through social media and the internet, everything is literally right at our fingertips. The thing that makes these dreams seem so intimidating is the fact that we are constantly focused on the overall goal and the endless list of things that need to be done to get there that we freak ourselves out. While it is important to keep the overall goal in mind, it’s also very important to make smaller goals to get there. Starting is the key! Stop thinking about it, stop stressing about it, and just do it! Set small goals for yourself and deadlines to accomplish those goals. Be proactive and productive and you’ll eventually begin to see that list of things to do get shorter, you’ll be closer to your dream, and that thing that once seemed impossible to achieve won’t be so intimidating after all. I know it all sounds so cliche but, it’s the truth!

The instructions are simple but, in no way did I ever mean for you to think that any of it would be easy. You must remain focused, driven, passionate, and work extremely hard. Success requires sacrifice, sometimes sacrifice can cause one to be discouraged but, keep in mind that in the end it’ll be well worth it. While everyone else is out spending their last popping bottles in the club you just keep grinding! The goal shouldn’t be to be rich because riches come and go; the goal should be to be wealthy. Wealth is a permanent state. It’s about leaving a legacy to past down to your children’s children. When you think about those sacrifices understand that the goal isn’t just about you, it’s about your legacy. There is no way that working for a legacy of wealth could ever come easy but if you really want it, it is Possible!

You have to want more for yourself because you deserve more! You do not have to settle and you should never feel comfortable with settling if you do because you posses the power to be greater! Often times there will even be individuals in our circles of influence that will try to put us in a box, convince us to dream on a smaller scale, and make us think that we’re being completely ridiculous for having such big dreams. If you never listen to anything I say listen to this, Do not share your dreams with small minded people. God gave you those big dreams because he is confident in your power and he knew that you could make it happen. Dumbing down your dream is basically a slap in his face, an insult to him. It’s as if you’re saying that he made a mistake, and we all know that’s not possible. If he has that much confidence in you why can’t you have that same confidence in yourself?

I see too many older women living regretful lives and complaining about their pipe dreams that never came true but, the truth is it’s never too late. As long as you have breath in your body there is still time for you to do what you always dreamed of doing. Don’t wait for things to come to you, go out and get them. Work hard, be authentic, and your gifts will make room for you. I believe in you Queen. You have the power to do and be anything or anyone you dream of! Now stop wasting time coming up with reasons why you can’t do it or why you haven’t done it yet and get to work.

If you ever need extra motivation I’m always here for you. Email me at keep in contact with me on social media Instagram and Twitter at Shanice_Royal and Like our facebook page at Thank you!

Love, Shanice Royal


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