Welcome Princess Skylar!


Originally I intended to approach a different topic for this post but, there was a turn of events in my life last week and I couldn’t resist the urge to express myself. On Monday September 21st at 6:11 a.m. I gave birth to the greatest gift God has ever given me, My daughter Skylar. I can’t quite put into words the magical moment of hearing her first cry, touching, kissing, and even seeing her for the first time. Everything about that moment still lingers with me today. I have heard stories about that moment from other mothers but, none of the words used to describe the feeling prepared me for the rush of spirit warming love I would feel when I first laid eyes on my child.

The crazy thing about it is, I wasn’t expecting her to arrive so soon because my due date wasn’t until Nov 6th but, she and God had other plans. I had been on bed rest for having a short cervix for 3 months so you can imagine how anxious I was to finally meet my baby (and get out of bed of course). I would cry to myself because I wanted to meet her and see her so bad and I guess the feeling was mutual because my water broke around 1:45am and by 6:11am she was here and she is beautiful.

Having a child puts love and life into a different perspective for me. I am so grateful and humbled to hold the title of a mother, I am so full of love and gratitude it brings tears to my eyes. I have also found a new appreciation for my mother who has been by my side through out this entire process. Having my beautiful baby girl has made me realize the power of love, The power of God. It is amazing to me how a pregnant woman can love their baby so much even though they never met. Putting your body through a complete metamorphosis and undergoing extreme labor pains (Yes, I had my baby naturally… as in No meds) for someone they have yet to see. It reminds me of the way Jesus sacrificed his life to save us because he loved us so much even though he hadn’t seen or met us; That to me is powerful. Love is powerful, Birthing life into the world is powerful and my baby has made me realize just how powerful I am. She was created out of the love her father and I share and it’s powerful to see our love evolve into another being. WOW.

Whether you are a young lady with children or not I just want to let you know that you are Powerful. You are truly amazing! Your body was designed in God’s perfect and loving image and he made no mistakes when he made you! I want to encourage you to operate daily in the spirit of love because love is also powerful. You are beautiful and you are worth it. I know this is not a typical blog post but, I appreciate you for allowing me to express myself (whether it makes sense or not lol). I am so happy to be a mommy and I can’t describe the feeling of looking at my lover with our daughter in his arms knowing that she has the most amazing father in the world. God has truly blessed me and I thank you for allowing me to share my feelings with you!

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Love you Queen!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Princess Skylar!”

  1. Ahh that was beautiful I am so happy for you and excited because you got the chance to experience life in that manner. It is a beautiful outcome👼. You will make a wonderful mommy, no doubt👍. Continue to enjoy life, especially now with the new edition and all👪
    Aunty luvs u

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