“When You Dress Well You Feel Better!”


In honor of New York Fashion Week I decided to write about one of my favorite topics in the world, personal wardrobe! There are a plethora of ways I could approach this topic especially since it’s one that is so close to my heart but, I’m not here to get everyone to dress like me. I just want to enlighten women on the importance of being yourself and dressing well. I believe that a woman’s confidence and self-esteem has an inundating affect on the way she dresses and vice versa! When you feel good you dress well and when you dress well you feel better. Many young women struggle with finding their own personal style and they find themselves going with the flow of whatever is hot at the time but, the reason why fashion is so ground breaking is because of those individuals who go against the grain. In order to discover your true personal style you have to first discover your true self. Once you are clear on who you are you will be able to express yourself through your wardrobe with confidence.

It saddens me when I look at a girl and I can tell that she is not only uncomfortable in her outfit but she is uncomfortable with herself. We’ve all seen her, that one girl in a group of friends so desperately trying to fit in but, her eyes are screaming help and discomfort is written all over her face. That’s the girl that I want to help. She’s like a butterfly still trapped in her old overdue worn out cocoon. I want to encourage her to take her time and find out who she really is so that she can blossom. I want to encourage her not to try to fit in at all but to adjust her wardrobe in ways that makes her happy, comfortable, and confident! Believe it or not it shows when you’re not confident in your own style and it is not cute at all!

I also want to speak to little miss raunchy, The one girl who wouldn’t know how to dress appropriate if it slapped her in the face! Girl we get it! We know you’re fine and we don’t need the constant reminders. Your wardrobe should be a reflection of your personality not a constant cry out for attention or a thirst trap for lust. Many young ladies get so upset about the way they are approached and handled by men but never stop to look at the ways men see them handling themselves. Maybe I’m just a little old school but, I believe in leaving a little mystery for a man to look forward to. When you give a man everything at once there’s nothing really left to appreciate. When every man has seen your jewels how can the man that you want to claim you feel any different from the next man. What’s really different from him and any other guy that gets to look at all your goodies for free?

Im not here to say you have to dress like a nun or never show any curves because I’m a curvy woman and I’m proud of my body. I’m just saying be a little discreet. Don’t show it all at once. A true confident and sexy woman can feel the same confidence in a turtle neck that she feels in a bikini. I’m a fashion junkie and I admire styles from all over the world but, there is nothing like a confident classic woman. If you aren’t sure how to make that change in your wardrobe to help you take your style and confidence to the next level, leave a comment or contact me directly via email or social media and I will help you! If you want advice on your style and how to switch things up, I am always here!

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4 thoughts on ““When You Dress Well You Feel Better!””

  1. I love it Shanice! There has been plenty of times where I was uncomfortable in almost everything I wore. Its not as bad now but I still go through the phases with some of my clothes. Being a young lady with little breasts and just getting called a little girl/boy because of it has taken a toll. I would always think “If only I had a little bit more breasts” how I could rock a dress or shirt that I like when I go shopping affected and still affects me. I’m becoming more confident about myself and my body image but I’m still having minor struggles with it. I love the article and I am looking forward to reading more.


  2. This is by far the best inspirational post I’ve seen so far! I know im a little late but I just discovered your blog and I love it!!!! Please keep doing what you’re doing.


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