Hello Queen!


Im Shanice Royal and i’m so happy you’re here! This will be our place of refuge and refreshment! I created this blog as a place where we can unite as young powerful women and express ourselves. Here I will discuss all the many things that make us women. From fashion and beauty to morals, standards, values, and relationships. Here we will leave no stone un-turned! If it effects you as a woman I’d like to bring it to the light. I want to give our deepest thoughts a voice, our concerns advice, and our secrets a listening ear. I want this to be a safe haven for us to share our thoughts and opinions without judgement or discomfort! Share with me as I share with you, leave comments and talk back! Thank you for visiting and I look forward to our growth together! Tell all your girls about it!

Interact with me daily on instagram and twitter @shanice_royal and like our page on facebook at  www.facebook.com/RoyaltyCampaign

Peace and Blessings to you Queen

Love, Shanice Royal


5 thoughts on “Hello Queen!”

  1. I’m so happy you did this!!! It’s amazing and im very much proud of you for this new vision I look forward to so much that’s in stored in the for the future..😊

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  2. This is truly a wonderful idea. You’re a brilliant individual with inspiring ideas that need to be heard. Let your heart lead the way to motivate and encourage women worldwide.

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  3. That is very true I .myself cut a friend off because she told her boyfriend our secret and I could not believe she did that and for that reason I cut her off completely but here recently I miss her so much I started back talking to but I still have yet to explain or apologize on my end and your story is so true what if God treated us the way we treat each other but I can speak from experience I only do this to keep myself from being further hurt because of my past like they say you learn from your mistakes but as I just read in your story someone has to be the bigger person and by loving God and striving to be more like him I would rather WWJD

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