For the young mom

Hey Queen, let’s talk! 

Let’s talk about how you’re feeling finding out that you’re expecting…. a baby. Let’s talk about that fear that you feel when the people around you are telling you that your life is basically over. Let’s talk about those dreams that used to feel tangible and are now seeming to be out of reach. Let’s talk about it. 

Young beautiful woman, young beautiful mother I am talking to you. Let me be the one to tell you that you have no reason to be worried or afraid because your life is not over just because you’ve found out that you are pregnant. Your dreams are still achievable and you can still be and do anything that you want to. 

There is such a negative perspective that some people have towards having children and sometimes these perspectives can cause young women to get discouraged and sometimes even depressed upon finding out that they are pregnant. Although, it’s always smarter to wait until you are married and established most of the time life doesn’t pan out the way we plan them to and things may end up happening much earlier than we expected.

So here is my advice to you, it is time to pull yourself up out of that miserable state of mind and be happy about the life that God has blessed you with because children are blessings. Understand that your life isn’t over but you are certainly not a child anymore so you can’t move like a child anymore. From this point on you must make wise decisions for the benefit of you and your child. This is your opportunity to Boss up like you never have in your life. Your baby is going to be your reason to live like you’ve never ever lived before. You will accomplish more than you ever have because everytime you open your eyes and look at your child you’ll know that there is someone depending on you to be great.

I always wrote out my dreams and hopes but I was a procrastinator, honestly. Having my baby pushed me like nothing in my life ever could. She makes me want to be greater, better, stronger. Everything that I have become over this past year is because of her. I’ve accomplished things that were once just a thought I had written down on a peice of paper in my notebook. I said all of that to say this, don’t let this be a sad or discouraging time for you! Let your child be fuel to your fire because there are still great things in store for you! 

God has the ability to make every crooked way straight and every wrong – right. You will be the best mother that you know how to be and everything you don’t know you will learn. Let the mistakes of your childhood be lessons in this new chapter in your life. Most importantly Boss up because you have someone to provide for, that precious little life is depending on you. Make your dreams come true so your baby can look up one day and be inspired by you. You got this! Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams, don’t doubt yourself, you will have to work harder and you will have to make sacrifices but, you were made for this! 

Motherhood is so beautiful and it’s an opportunity that not everyone has had the opportunity to experience so consider yourself blessed and lucky that God chose you. I got your back and I’m in your corner. I’m praying that God will give you guidance. I pray that he will order your steps and direct your path. I pray that he will give you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. I pray that he will give you peace that surpasses all understanding. Love you always Queen be encouraged!

If your ever need a listening ear or a prayer in your time of frustration I am here. 

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Below are some pictures of myself and my baby girl Skylar that have never been shared before. She’ll be two this year and the bond we have is unbreakable. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 


Road to Royalty

 I had this vision in mind.. this vision of me being the woman I always dreamed of being. I dreamt of me being the hardest working female I know. I dreamt of being a Boss, I dreamt of being wealthy, I dreamt of my life being fulfilled, I dreamt of my visions and desires coming to past. In this vision everything I put my hands to do turned into gold. God made it clear to me what he wanted me to do. He put me in isolation where most of the time it was just me and him. I discovered that before I could be even half of who I dreamt of being I had to focus in on me. 

 I focused on me and made every detail of myself and my life my priority. My first step started with a change in my lifestyle for healthier living. I started with my trainer @musclemom and I was amazed at the difference I felt in my body by changing my diet and making fitness a factor in my life. The results motivated me to focus in every other area in my life. My inner and outer appearance got better and I got stronger physically and mentally. This is my road to Royalty.  Fitness gives me fuel to my fire. I’m so motivated by the boundaries my body breaks with every goal I set for myself and this helps me with every goal I set in life. Focusing on my fitness goals wasn’t just about a change in my physical appearance but also a change in my lifestyle. I want to live long for my daughter and I want to inspire her to chase her dreams. I want to accomplish and possess all the goals and visions I have on the inside of me. I can’t die with anything undone. 
 There are dreams that we all have for our lives. There are visions that we are dying to get out of our heads and into the world but we must plan effectively and be strategic. We must focus on ourselves and God so that we get clear instructions and we can trust our own instincts and not rely on the opinions of others. Work on yourself first so that you get into the place where you trust yourself without second guessing. Trust your journey and trust your path and don’t  ever compare yourself to others. The woman you’re destined to be is sitting on a throne waiting on you. This is your road to Royalty. Find what makes you the happiest, find your purpose, and keep pushing boundaries! Love you Queens! Stay motivated by checking out my personal workouts on snapchat and instagram @shanice_royal and @royaltycampaign #roadtoroyalty #royaltycampaign 

Comfort is a Dream Killer

Hello Queen! I’m not sure why I was so compelled to touch basis with you today but, I hope what I have to say meets you wherever you are and motivates you to keep pushing! I know we hear all the time “don’t give up” or “keep pushing” cliche after cliche. I encourage you today to take heed to these cliche’s and cling on to them more than ever. If anyone of you are like myself sometimes we tend to struggle with consistency when we aren’t seeing results right away and I am with you in knowing that we can sometimes get discouraged or feel uninspired which causes somethings that once meant something to us to fall by the waste side. So I am writing today to encourage you to never ever get comfortable where you are. Even if you just got the job that you’ve been praying for, congratulations but keep going harder. Getting a job or accomplishing one goal just isn’t enough we should always strive for greater, to be better, and to acquire more. unnamed

Comfort is a dream killer. When we get comfortable where we are we get lazy and we become content with doing just enough to get by and I’m sorry but, your dreams should be a lot bigger than just getting by. God didn’t spend all his precious time molding and creating you just for you to get by. He wants us to live a fulfilled life. A life  that one could only dream about. He wants that for you but, living out your dream doesn’t come easy. Sacrifices have to be made. The work has to be put in. I beg you Queen to keep pushing! Don’t leave this earth with all that purpose and vision still inside of you.

Even if you haven’t started working on those dreams yet, today would be a great day to start! Take one step today, start doing the research or making connections.What ever it is, just do it! Don’t allow comfort to kill your dreams. Where you are right now isn’t good enough. There is more in store for you! We are not Queens who settle. We are filled with power and authority and we were made with magic. We have the power to change the condition we live in. We have the authority to command change in our lives and we have the capacity to do the work to maximize our opportunities in this world. Don’t allow all that magic to go to waste girl, get up and get to it because it is never too late. I am here praying for you and cheering you on because I want to see us win.

unnamed-3 Queen if you are feeling discouraged or uninspired this is for you. There are Big dreams inside of you and you have to give birth to that dream. It’s time to make things manifest, it is time for things to become tangible in your life. You have mapped out the way you’ve wanted your life to be for far too long, now is the time to stop envisioning it but actually go after it. Put your plan into action Queen. You got this! You were made for this. Don’t get content, Don’t get comfortable, always strive for more, strive to keep your dreams alive.

Love you always,

Shanice Royal


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From Rags to Royal



I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything for my Queens and I must admit, I miss chatting with you all so much. I’ve been busy being a mommy and putting in work to accomplish these big dreams of mine. Speaking of work, I wanted to take the time out to highlight one of my favorite pieces of work right now! So we all know distressed garments have found their way back into our hearts. Now, I may not be the best person to call on if you’re looking for someone to sew you a full wedding gown but, I must say I’m the perfect person to call on to customize a look for you and this next piece has to be my favorite piece of work so far. The dress you’re about to see started off as a boring denim dress from the thrift store and now it’s a sexy, chic, edgy work of art and yes it was customized by yours truly.The greatest thing about customizing your look is that you never ever have to worry about looking like anyone’s twin for the night. No one will have on what you’re wearing and this will make you stand out. I love for my garment to be the center of attention. I love that feeling of knowing that the look I’m wearing can’t be found in stores. This is what makes the look special, even if it was brought at the thrift store for $2.99, adding my personal touch to it makes it worth a million bucks! Take a look at the way I transformed this dress and share your thoughts with me. I value your feedback and I appreciate your support. Tell me what you think in the comments and keep up with me on social media @shanice_royal @royaltycampaign Love you Queen Have a fashionable week!

back view


How it all started…
customized by @shanice_royal
up close, no personal.
color pop

We Are The Future Field Day

May 28, 2016 the We Are The Future Field Day was in full effect and ready to make its debut. The day started off with endless showers of rain, terrifying lightening, and intimidating thunder. My partner Victoria and I,  phones were ringing non stop with people calling with anticipation for us to cancel our event.Almost every person we partnered with was ready to pull out and cancel on us because they deemed it impossible for the children to have a field day in such weather conditions. Any ordinary people would’ve panicked and may have even gave in to the pressure of canceling all together but, that was an L we were not willing to take. We had invested so much into planning this event so canceling was simply not an option. We prayed and had faith that the rain would stop despite the fact that there was an 80% chance that it would rain for the rest of the day. We went to Plantation Heritage Park and begin setting up as if it was the sunniest day in south Florida and contrary to everyone’s beliefs by the time we were all set up that was just what it became, the sunniest day in South Florida!

Our DJ Jacob had some of the hottest summer hits like controlla by Drake blasting from the speakers and the children and parents started to make their way out to the park to indulge in a day full of endless activities.We started with a game of kick ball that got really intense, fun, and competitive between the children and volunteers. From Kickball to a crazy competitive game of musical chairs, to a super exciting heart pounding relay race, the activities were endless. We entertained with bubbles, got involved with hula hoop and jump rope competitions, and even got a little artsy with a super creative paint class. Every child and adult enjoyed their time dancing. singing, and jumping in the bounce house provided by Bounce Central LLC. I even discovered that I can do a back flip!

Not only was there endless activities to keep everyone entertained and having fun but there was also an endless supply of food, beverages, and snacks to keep everyone full and hydrated. Of course there were endless waters on deck to quench the thirst in that heat but of course we had to keep it nostalgic with the little hug quarter juices and caprisuns we used to have during our childhood field day. We had an abundance of chips to keep the kids snacking and ice pops to keep them cool. We spent a lot of time at the cotton candy machine twirling our sticks to get a sample of every flavor of the fluffiest cotton candy provided by CK Party Rentals.We filled our bellies with the most delicious hot dogs and hamburgers grilled by my supportive man and his favorite uncle cheese we were so happy they lent their skills and time because the burgers were delicious!

The vibes turned out to be everything we desired it to be and all of our hard work paid off because every child had a blast! We love to cultivate the children and listen to the things that concern them because they are our future! We truly thank everyone for believing in us and our vision and especially those who contributed their efforts and those who contributed their finances! Special Thank you to Dr.Jimmie L Williams and Light House Worship Center, Dee’s Dressing Room, Marc J. Lagree of Mad Graphics, D’ana ( @itscovl) for our amazing flyer, Nelly James for our amazing balloon columns, and Audrey Brooks of Women Empowering Women Inc. Thank you to everyone for your help. Our Annual We Are The Future Field Day will only get bigger and Better! Hope to see you all next year!

To watch the recap video captured and edited by @damiendelgvdo visit

photography by JK Mark @trinizionphotos


Relationship Goals


Sometimes we idolize the love we see at a distance, Flooding our imaginations with “Relationship Goals” based upon what we see on the outside of someone else’s love connection. Knowing what you want in a relationship is key but, it’s important not to idolize the outside benefits of love without understanding the hard work that goes into sustaining the relationship through the test of time. Relationships in today’s generation are so fickle! People change partners like they change their underwear. The roses and good times are always captured on camera but, what you don’t get to see is the ground work being done “behind the scenes” and I guess that’s the beauty of it.Nothing good comes in this life without requiring hard work and dedication and love is not exempt from this principle.

Let me just be honest, contrary to popular belief you are not going to like your partner everyday. Some days he will really get under your skin, really bad but you will love him still. I’m talking about love him so deeply that even though you don’t like him you’ll still want to be next to him. It’s weird, you will find yourself in a heated discussion saying “leave me alone” but really wanting him to wrap his arms around you and not let go. Love is just that powerful and that’s why you can’t be so quick to utter those words if you don’t really mean them. It’s imperative to uphold the value and sacredness of the word and use it only with someone you can’t see yourself without.

If you can post on social media how much you love someone and the following week blast them on social media like they meant nothing to you,that is not love. Even during those times where I am irritated the most with my man, I still wouldn’t criticize him publicly for the world to see because it is still my job to protect him. We never know what goes into a relationship or what people had to sacrifice to share their time with the ones they love and we are also blind to what a miserable situation a person may be trapped in behind closed doors. So my suggestion to you is not to idolize peoples situations when you don’t know the full details. Get to know love for yourself. If the one you’re with is good for you don’t give up at the sign of the first minor altercation. Fight through it! Challenges will come, and if you’re not put into a position where you have to compromise your power or your passions then work it out but, always stay true to you.

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I just have a passion for seeing women win. I find it hard to understand women who don’t want to own their own success and rather mooch off the success of a man to claim that they made it. I believe in being a female Boss with or without a man. I believe in being my own woman and earning my own success and bringing wealth to the table to add to what my man has already accomplished. I believe that women are powerful and we have the ability to conquer magnanimous things in the world instead of dumbing ourselves down just to be somebody’s trophy.

You don’t have to wait until someone makes you or chooses you to be their trophy because you are already a winner. You already have the power to shine with or without recognition from anyone. Having a man to add to your life should be nothing more than a bonus, a plus. As women we have the tendency to make our worlds revolve around the man we love (I was guilty of this same crime at once). We will literally make decisions about our own happiness with someone else in mind and ultimately rob ourselves because of someone else’s opinion. It’s time out for that! Do what makes you happy, go to the places that you enjoy and hopefully your significant other will love you enough to want to share these pleasures with you.

Avoid losing yourself as a woman. Sometimes things happen to us in life and we end up with people we never thought we’d be with doing things we never thought we would do. We compromise time after time for so long and when we sit back and take a look at ourselves we don’t recognize the person staring back. Remain true to you. Stick to your guns about the things that you are passionate about and never compromise who you are because you are a Queen and you are powerful. I speak with my best friend all the time about how much we admire the way men go after their goals. Men rarely compromise when their hearts are set on something. They rarely allow anyone to stand in their way. If they make up their minds to do or accomplish something they usually do just that whether you or anyone else disagrees with it or not. I think we should be that way about our goals as well. We have to have tunnel vision, we have to be tenacious, and we have to remain focused. Why strive to be just a trophy wife when you can stand beside your handsome man and wear the title of a Boss with him.

You got what it takes to conquer the world, you got what it takes to be a Boss, to be the best at whatever it is you are passionate about and you don’t have to wait for anyone to give it to you. You can go and get it by yourself and give just God and yourself the credit. In no way am I saying neglect your man and don’t let him help you if he wants to because we all need support but, do not give anyone the power to be your sole provision in life because if something happens to them you would have to start all over from zero. Give no one that power but, God. Go out and get it. Get focused on your gifts and your passions and make it happen. I believe in you Queen

-Shanice Royal

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